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Time to Break the Silence, A Long Overdue Press Release and Confession

Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in News | 2 comments

It’s time to break the silence and for what you ask?  What would move me from the stagnation that has seemingly also plagued this website?  Am I too picky or too difficult to impress?  Am I lazy?  Did I give up?  Did an ambulance take me to the emergency room last January after I over worked myself to launch the last issue?  Did I lose my day job a week after this trip to Cedars ER?  Was I bedridden for a month after being laid off?

Why yes, I plead guilty. I claim the ‘I’m only human’ amendment.

Right as LA HOT Magazine was taking flight and becoming profitable, I had become so overworked  I was found on my apartment floor by the ambulance EMTs and taken to ER.  When I made it back to my day job, which was how I was able to fund my new budding business, I was laid off.  That blow definitely took its toll and my body took this opportunity to give out and I spent about a month in bed unable to even sit. There was nothing I could do and the messages from people waiting for new content got rather brutal and that did not help the situation. I could do nothing while the buzz faded before my eyes.

Did I give up?  Maybe I did temporarily, but my friends and even complete strangers who enjoyed what I had built before I fell ill kept on asking about when I would return to it.  The kindness and support of my friends, new and old, nursed me back to physical, financial and emotional stability.  For that I am eternally grateful. You know who you are.  Thank you.

I did feel like I had nothing left to give last year.  It is there in that silence and emptiness that a true artist, whatever their medium, can remember who they are and it becomes easy to find their way back or even better yet to let go and see a new way.  I had always had a day job.  How could I make it without this corporate machine funding the lifestyle I was so accustomed?

Well……. on the same list of skills that I used in my various day jobs, yet this time for my own company.  LA HOT Magazine’s clients fall into a wide spectrum of business needs that can be summarized into a multimedia agency or content creation agency.  So far there have been small graphic design jobs, web design and development, PR, social media and even some 3D CAD drawings.  Watch out for an infomercial kickstarter to bring a new product to market in the next month.  Luckily my various array of skills are helping me.  I have been a manager of large teams and a producer as well, so even if the jobs that come in are large I can utilize my network and manage it without worry.

The same circumstances that knocked me to my knees actually forced me to follow my dream of working for myself and creating my own company.  I thought I’d have more time but I was forced to acclimate much more quickly.

Did I plan to not only survive, but to build what I really wanted and was so scared to do?  Will I be able to also reignite the fire and create a buzz for the magazine again?  Do I want to?

Yes, I did.  I do. And I will.  Please be patient.  All the content I accumulated is right here and ready to go.  I did not want to post this until I was ready to build publicly and consistently.  I wanted to make sure I was healthy and had a plan to stay healthy.  I wanted to have a financial plan. I wanted to be sure.

Let’s just say my coefficient of static friction is quite high.  I know what I like and what I love and nothing else will do.  Why work on my dream business if I am not even capable of doing a half a$$ job?

Since my last post and even before my last blog post, I have been accumulating material: photos, video, and stories to match, but what is immeasurable is the list of talented folks I’ve been watching via social media and in person.  My true talent is seeing the potential and full blooming talent in others.

I do have a back log of items I need to post and I will do so shortly with the dates true to when I was there.  There will be a complete website redesign from scratch to be released slowly and I will push the apps back onto the app market.  Please send every harsh and impatient complaint to or use the contact form.  Please be brutal, thorough, and anything constructive.

Now, to answer my first question. What broke the silence?  A spark.  The fire of creativity breathing in me once again.  Fan the flames and you are welcome to stay.  Fall into negativity and you are welcome to leave.

Addendum: Right after I published this, I found out that my mother had been dying of cancer for months and didn’t want me to know. I scrambled to get up to see her in the bay area, but I was too late. She died a day and half after I got the call. Obviously, I need to take some time to get up to full productivity, but worry not this is merely more fuel for the fire.

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Latest Issue Theme Sneak Peek

Posted by on Feb 7, 2013 in Artist, News, Photographer | 0 comments

To those of you who are struggling to make ends meet while pursuing your dreams no matter what challenges come your way, LA HOT Magazine salutes you! The next issue is in your honor. Here is a sneak peek of the next issue’s theme, so you can submit your work for the next issue!

This photo is a sneak peek at my birthday photo shoot with Danielle Burt. Make-up by Jessica Davis, hair by Master Stylists, Marc Bensemhoun of Lea Journo at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons and Emilie Douieb of Raphael Haute Coiffure on Robertson Boulevard and stylist Chantal Nightingale. (Please contact me for their info if you want to book them.)

LA HOT Magazine Sneak Peak of next issue's theme

LA HOT Magazine Sneak Peak of next issue’s theme

The full description is for members only for this week by clicking here, but will be posted publicly next week, so you can submit your work for the next issue!

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Behind the Scenes of “Gazing in the Mirror Isn’t Always Vain” with Kevin Michael Schmitz at Boardners in Hollywood

Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Artist, Behind the Scenes, News, Photographer | 0 comments

Read the blog below the gallery of Emma Choussy’s behind the scenes photography.

Kevin Michael Schmitz is a triple threat. The man has an MFA in photography from the Academy of Art, is a charismatic and effective teacher and can even write the thought provoking editorial to go along with his perfectly post produced masterpiece. He coordinated this magnanimous photo shoot workshop at the historic Boardners in moments with some of the top talent in Hollywood. Links to the agencies are at the end of this article.

If you have not made your way to this bar filled with history dating back to 1942, you must take a gander. It’s located in the heart of the Hollywood strip and always a good time for the very difficult to please Los Angeles locals. Even I like it.

In the photos, you can see Kevin teaching his craft to some already very well-established photographers such as Csaba Fikker (Owner of LA Fashion Magazine), Ace Fillmore (local Hitchcock Fellini type Director), Robert Vance (in our latest issue of LA HOT Magazine) Chris Lee (in our latest issue of LA HOT Magazine), Daniel Her (view his work in the fashion week blog here), Sebastian De Cesare of Pelican MDA and more.

Full article and photo spread available via iTunes, Google Play and on Amazon digitally.

Stylist: Chantal Nightingale of De Annesley Agency
Make-up artists: Debbie Zoller and team of De Annesley Agency
Hair stylist: Tomoko Miyamoto of De Annesley Agency
De Annesley Agency

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New Issue of LA HOT Magazine Live on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android tablets, Kindle, etc

Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Artist, Diet & Healthy Eating Habits, Event, Fashion, Fine Art, Get and Stay LA HOT, LA HOT Magazine Contest, LA HOT Magazine Productions, Musician, News, Performance Artist, Photographer | 0 comments

First Issue of LA HOT Magazine Live on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android tablets, Kindle, etc

First Issue of LA HOT Magazine Live on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android tablets, Kindle, etc

Excerpt from the Note from the Editor:

   Since LA HOT Magazine’s motto is to break the global stereotypes that label LA as plastic and devoid of substance, the theme of this issue is simply to showcase LA’s SUBSTANCE & break this global sterotype that LA is devoid of it.

   The responses to the theme involved celebrities discussing their favorite charities, Haute Couture influenced by the culture, artchitecture and landscape of LA, hilarious celebrity YouTube spoofs about the fools who actually strive to be these LA stereotypes, artists working in brand new media combinations, visual masterpieces ranging from the macabre and teratology to refined beauty and glamour, and stories contemplating maintaining appearances, humanity and spirituality in such a world wind of a metropolitan area such as Los Angeles where the whole world seems to be watching on tv or the internet.

   With imagery from breathtakingly beautiful and sexy to raw and down right frightening and stories that are light and humorous to deep intellectual dives, I encourage to take a journey into the part of LA that rarely make the headlines.

   I, also, encourage you to join the coversation and add your own answers to these questions above.

Stephanie Spanjian
Founder of LA HOT Magazine, LLC

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Cage the Humans, Uncage the Animals! – Help SPCALA & Enter the Contest to Win the Collars Bree Olson Wore in our Cover Photo Shoot!

Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Event, LA HOT Magazine Contest, News, Photographer | 0 comments

Bree Olson graced the cover of LA HOT Magazine for our Fall 2012 issue in honor of her favorite cause: ANIMAL RESCUE.

The article and photo spread is about how sex sells and why not use sex appeal and get a worthy cause like pet rescue some money and spotlight. Other articles discuss the media’s role & responsibility, the macabre, teratology, even a portrait study of face transplant patients, and most importantly the parts of LA nobody gets to see because of the focus on celebrity worship. The table of contents is in yesterday’s blog and I guarantee you will be impressed… Bree Olson is a very intelligent and sweet woman and it was kind of her to donate her time for such a worthy cause for no pay whatsoever when other pay people pay her quite a bit for similar photos.

The whole reason I chose her to be our cover model in honor of pet rescue was because like me she rescued her dog as did the photographer Kevin Michael Schmitz. Animal rights mean a great deal to all of us and is a huge issue in Los Angeles that can be seen by literally walking around in any neighborhood on a weekend.  There are pet adoption posts in all the LA hot spots. I really hope you take the time to donate to Bree’s favorite pet rescue facility SPCALA and even adopt a friend for life! Cats, dogs, and rabbits are available by clicking the pink button below.

To be entered into the contest you must tweet that you donated or adopted at SPCALA and mention @LAHOTMagazine and @SPCALA with #LACares. If you do this, Bree might tweet you to show proof of your donation &/or adoption and give you the very collars worn on the cover photo below!

Donate or Adopt at SPCALA To Be Entered to Win Bree Olson's Cover Photo Outfit!

Donate or Adopt at SPCALA To Be Entered to Win Bree Olson’s Cover Photo Outfit!

Deadline is January 31st, 2013 now July 30th, 2013

Special thanks to Oliver Peoples on Sunset Boulevard at Sunset Plaza for donating their shop for the photos shoot!

LA HOT Magazine Cover with Bree Olson Pet Rescue

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First Issue of LA HOT Magazine Live on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android tablets, Kindle, etc

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Artist, Event, Fashion, Film, Fine Art, LA HOT Magazine Productions, Musician, News, Performance Artist, Photographer | 0 comments

Excerpt from the Note from the Founder:

The photograph above [Not shown here] is from the photographic series that sparked LA HOT Magazine, LLC. I became a fan of Nikos Vasilakis instantly. After contacting him and realizing he is as humble and sweet as he is talented, I was determined to meet and learn from him. I ventured to Athens to take a personal lesson where I photographed the lovely Christina Zafeiriou. I became ignited with inspiration and cannot wait to bring Nikos as our guest teacher for a LA HOT Magazine workshop in 2012 to share his knowledge and inspire you, too. Then you can see why Nikos is truly LA HOT for yourself.

Stay in the loop! Sign up to be in our global photography and film production Network: to start learning, networking and sharing today!

In this issue, people from around the world answer what comes to mind when they hear the words “LA HOT.” Los Angeles is a global brand that invokes many images, but I personally didn’t realize what really makes LA HOT, until I moved here. Many move here with nothing but a dream based on LA’s image. Despite whatever obstacles, the fearlessness in which these individuals work to achieve their dreams is a huge inspiration for me and for people around the world.

LA HOT Magazine, LLC’s motto is to break the world wide stereotypes that label LA as plastic, superficial and devoid of substance. We aim to prove and showcase through photography and video that it’s the substance here that makes LA HOT. We believe you do not have to be in LA to be LA HOT and most importantly we believe it’s not who you know, but indeed who you are.
Stephanie Spanjian
Founder of LA HOT Magazine, LLC

First LA-based multi-media art magazine available on iPhone, iPad and Android tablets – breaking the global stereotypes that label LA as devoid of substance. Plenty mind blowing articles in our next issue so download the free app to hear about the next issue first!

LA HOT Magazine app is now also available on iPhone as well as iPad at the Newsstand or Apple Appstore.  Click here or search on your iPad/iPhone/computer.

Also, as you can see below, LA HOT Magazine app is now available on Google Play for Android devices if you click here.

The Time Is Now...

The Time Is Now…

The long awaited LA HOT Magazine App is now first available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod at the Newsstand or iTunes App store.  Click here or search on your iPad/computer.

LA HOT Magazine App in iTunes

LA HOT Magazine App in iTunes

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Ellenie and Arthur Galestian Live at Universal City Walk

Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Artist, Event, Musician, News | 0 comments

Arthur Galestian DJed a set to get the crowd ready for his sister, Ellenie Galestian. She is breaking into the music business after years as a dancer and actress, so be prepared for a good performance if you are lucky enough to catch her perform. Her music is positive, sexy and fun.

I love the new hit: “Play in LA”

We had a chance to interview her and her talented dancers last year:

Follow LA HOT Magazine to hear more about our adventures on our quest to find what makes LA HOT.  Enter your email to the right to hear when next issue hits the internet!  Print available as well as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android tablets on Google Play and on Kindle Fire.

LA HOT photographer: Fezz Hoo

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Furne One and Octavio Carlin Fashion Show at Vibiana

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Artist, Event, Fashion, News | 0 comments

Furne One and Octavio Carlin fashion show at Vibiana was such a clash. Octavio Carlin was everyday glamour chic contrasting Furne One which is fit for Lady Gaga. This sexy black dress was a beautiful ode to old Hollywood class.

There were plenty of looks in Octavio Carlin’s collection for any occasion like this LA look complete with sunglasses.

The finale below shows the various looks of Octavio Carlin’s show. A bit of 80′s playfulness, metallics and patterned legs mixed with old Hollywood glamour add up to a dinner party I’d love to be attending.

The Furne One models wore plastic around their heads which completed the futuristic look. This green piece continued the 80′s vibe with the shoulder pads but the rest of the influence seems to have come from the future.

Some pieces had leds and looked quite robotic. Here is a close up of one of the mouth pieces.

The finale put one model to the test. Heels and train that made her arms shake.

As if just walking down the aisle with the weight of the dress wasn’t difficult enough, she expanded to full arm span at the end of the cat walk until all the models had reached her.

Follow LA HOT Magazine to hear more about our adventures on our quest to find what makes LA HOT.  Enter your email to the right to hear when next issue hits the internet!  Print available as well as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android tablets on Google Play and on Kindle Fire.

LA HOT photographers: Chris Lee and Daniel Her of Moa Productions

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LA HOT Magazine Productions Goes Live Today

Posted by on Mar 3, 2012 in LA HOT Magazine Productions, News | 0 comments

LA HOT Magazine hopes your year has been fruitful so far!

We just launched our first commercial on YouTube! It is our first public LA HOT Magazine Production: Too LA HOT for Newstands!

Producer/writer = Stephanie Spanjian, the Founder of LA HOT Magazine
Directed = Ace Fillmore
Camera operator = DW Kim, LA HOT Magazine’s Production Manager
Post production =
Starring Emma Green and Bao Tieu

Please help us spread the word by forwarding this email and posting the video on your social networks! Please like the video on YouTube if you enjoyed it!

The second issue of LA HOT Magazine will launch in a few weeks so stay tuned! We will be posting more content especially within the film and photography network.

Subscribe here to get next issue first!

LA HOT Magazine, LLC is also available to buy online delivered in print to your doorstep. You can buy multiple quantities or even subscribe to be billed quarterly as we have 4 issues per year. Subscribing is cheaper, because we waive shipping and handling and you also gain full access to our LA HOT Magazine photography and film talent and crew section.

Thanks to all of you for making this possible!
Stephanie Spanjian
Founder, Editor and Producer

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11 17 2011 Rolls Royce Calls on Rankin to Celebrate the Centenary of the Spirit of Ecstasy with 100 Photographs

Posted by on Nov 19, 2011 in Artist, Event, News, Photographer | 1 comment

When Rolls Royce Motor Cars invited Rankin to their immaculate plant on the Goodwood estate, there was no need to convince Rankin to work on an artistic photography project to celebrate the centenary of the Rolls Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy. Once he saw the artisan touch taken to create each Rolls Royce, he was so impressed and enamored of the cars themselves, Rankin not only said yes, but “it has to be 100 photographs” Rankin. The title and theme of the series of 100 photographs is the Spirit of Ecstasy, aka the Flying Lady, Rolls Royce’s iconic symbol. “This is one of the biggest projects I have ever taken on – creating 100 unique pieces of art, each of them embodying the Spirit of Ecstasy” Rankin

Admiring Rolls Royces has been a long standing tradition in my family so when I hear that one my favorite photographers was to showcase 80 of the 100 photographs here in Los Angeles at his self-titled gallery, Rankin, on Melrose, I was elated.  As a member of the RROC, Rolls Royce Owners Club, and an award winning show car owner, my grandfather,William Spanjian, cherished his 1961 Silver Cloud II more than anything and any Rolls Royce aficionado could explain why. The level to which my grandfather took care of his car mirrors exactly the love that Rolls Royce puts into each car. My grandfather was famous for this love as you can see below in an ad I dug up from family files.

Rankin’s love for the cars, also, is clearly immense as can be seen in every detail of his photographs like the matching of his models’ nail polish to the unique exterior color of a Rolls Royce.  Rankin uses several techniques, themes, models from his wife to celebrities such as Kelis in locations all over the world to capture the Sprirt of Ecstasy. For instance, in some of these photographs he expresses the exhilaration the Spirit of Ecstasy induces when you drive a Rolls Royce by creatively moving an exposed camera, leaving streaks of luminous light in the image. Rankin portrayed the ageless beauty of the Rolls Royce by using a stunning and mysterious 67 year old woman as a model. He  put metallic substances on the models to create a living version of the ornament yet “showing the life in the eyes” (Rankin).  He clearly captured the mystery and intrigue of the woman behind the statue.  Another theme he used was the mirror image several times in this series to represent the book-matching of the interior wood of a Rolls Royce.

Rankin, also, recreated Charles Robinson Sykes’ first statue which was the Whisper.  Created before the final Spirit of Ecstasy statue, the Whisper signified the secret love affair between Lord Montagu, the founder of The Car Illustrated, and his secretary, Eleanor Valesco Thornton, who did not share Lord Montagu’s social status. As the Whisper was a bit too conspicuous, Lord Montgau commisioned Charles Sykes to create a more subtle statue for the 1909 Rolls Royce Ghost and this was the Spirit of Ecstasy.

Admirers of Rankin’s photography can see his work in magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, GQ and Esquire or at one of his galleries in Los Angeles or England.  This humble workaholic has worked with almost any celebrity you can think of from Her Majesty The Queen of England to Mikhail Gorbachev to U2. What is most remarkable about Rankin is that he somehow remains the sweetest photographer always willing to give a moment to talk to anyone, no matter how famous or established.  It’s this ability and willingness to connect to all people that draws out such a beautiful work of art in all his photographs. Rankin embodies what we believe to be LA HOT.

Photography provided by Rolls Royce Motor Cars where indicated and LA HOT French photographer Emmanuelle Choussy.
Videography provided by Emmanuelle Choussy.

Follow Rankin, Emmanuelle and LA HOT Magazine to hear more about our adventures on our quest to find what makes LA HOT and watch out for the mock issue of LA HOT Magazine coming out soon.  Enter your email to the right to hear when it first hits the internet!  Print available too.

Rankin’s website
Facebook Rankin

Facebook Emmanuelle
Emmanuelle’s website

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